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Civilization IV: Warlords

Medieval mod V v1.0 for Civ IV v2.0 Warlords

Note: This mod is only compatible with Warlords.
Installation and introductory Readme for the Medmod V v1.0: Link

v1.0 (1Meg): Download

Medieval: Total War

Medieval mod IV v4 for M:TW v2.01 Viking Invasion

Note: This mod is not compatible with M:TW v1.1.
This version is also completely separate from v2.04.
Below are links to HTML versions of the primary readmes for the mod. They explain in detail all of the significant changes, improvements, innovations and additions to the game.
The Installation instructions explain how to direct the installer executables to the proper directory on your computer, as well as how to set up the mod for non-English versions of the game.
Installation and descriptive Readme for the Medmod IV v4.0 beta: Path to Glory Link
Faction Descriptions Readme: Link
Unit Notes Readme: Link
Provincial and Buildings Notes Readme: Link

v4.07 (19Megs): Download
The Stratmap is not updated along with the other files, and thus need only be downloaded and installed once.
v4 Stratmap (25Megs): Download
Note: This file is not needed if you set your strategic map resolution to one greater than the default 800x600, for those of you on dial-up connections.
v4 Un-install (33Megs): Download
You will need to use this portion if you wish to go back to the default game.

Accessories: If you do not have Microsoft Word or Excel installed on your computer, you can use these viewers to see, but not edit, the Word readmes and Excel spreadsheets, which are extremely vital to understanding and enjoying the mod.
Word '97 32-bit viewer: Download
Excel viewer: Download

If you would like to make a donation to my PayPal account to show your appreciation for my work, simply click on the picture below.

Medieval mod IV v2.04 for M:TW v2.01, the Viking Invasion

Installation and descriptive Readme for v2.04: Abbey Road Download
Note: this version makes no changes to unit stats.

The install executable for v2.04: Download
Note: This file is not compatible with M:TW v1.1.

Accessory: I have also made an Excel spreadsheet which contains the stats of all the units commonly seen in the Viking Campaign, in an easy to view and print-out page.
Viking Campaign unit stats: Download

Medieval mod IV v1.85 for Total War v1.1

Installation and descriptive Readme for v1.85: For God and Country Download

The install executable for v1.85: Download
Note: This file is not compatible with Viking Invasion.

Accessory: New to the Medmod? If so, you might want to read this short Newby Guide to using the mod.
Newby guide: Download
b>Alternate version: I have also constructed an alternate Units text which makes Muslim units 25% larger than normal. Simply unzip it and paste it over the v1.85 Units text.
Muslim Hordes zip: Download

Medieval Pack II v2.2 Crusade
Introduction and Installation
Full Download (28.0MB)
Medieval Pack II Accessories
Modswapper (1.5MB) Note: You must have this program installed in order to play the mod.
Lucinda font. Note: You need this font installed for optimal viewing of certain files. Place it in your Windows\\fonts folder.
Original files that Modswapper replaces. Use these files as replacements if you accidentally overwrite the 3 original files that modswapper swaps (see the install readme).

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